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Web Concepts: “Disciplined Creativity”

These are a few concepts for a possible redesign of my main web site.  I stumbled upon the phrase “disciplined creativity” when browsing the BMW DesignWorks site; I think a great self-descriptor.

The first image is what visitors will see when they first visit the page.  The second image shows what’s “underneath” each tile.  When visitors hover over an individual tile, the “original” typeface will appear.

The phrases “Gr” and “Ind” will be linked to PDF versions of my graphic and industrial design portfolios.



Concept: Territories HD

Concept Art: “Prophecy”


AcD: ION Intelligence Compound

While I’ve utilized a similar “cloned cube” composition in this concept, this is the first time I’ve combined 3D elements with a 2D matte painting backdrop.  While neither of these elements was overly elaborate in its complexity, I’m pleased with the resulting composition and color palette.  You can see a few final concepts below (incorporated in Adobe InDesign), but head over to Ink to see the original scene along with the remaining stills.

Digital Sculpture: Mirror’s Edge

One of the core objectives of Immersion is to move away from pure two dimensional design and to expend greater energy and concentration in three dimensional space.  These renders below are part of a “digital sculpture” series that I am still toying around with.  For the remainder of this particular series, please visit my digital illustration site.