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AcD: ION Arcadia I (Early Prototype)

This is another (science-fiction) concept focusing primarily on composition and scale.  You’ll see this theme fairly often as I find it fascinating!  This concept is a spacecraft that is used primarily for human transport.  If under attack, the ship can actually break apart on its own and then regroup into a single entity once the intruder has departed.  The ship can also hover while on land and does not require explicit landing gear (as shown below).

This craft is part of a larger “ION” world I have been thinking about over the past several weeks and thus, I decided to create an early-stage logo to reflect this new environment.

To see the original renders and full set, please visit my digital illustration site at Ink.

AcD: ION Intelligence Compound

While I’ve utilized a similar “cloned cube” composition in this concept, this is the first time I’ve combined 3D elements with a 2D matte painting backdrop.  While neither of these elements was overly elaborate in its complexity, I’m pleased with the resulting composition and color palette.  You can see a few final concepts below (incorporated in Adobe InDesign), but head over to Ink to see the original scene along with the remaining stills.

AcD: Lost Souls

It’s amazing what you can do with such a simple scene such as the one I’ve created here.  Again, in these examples it’s about the composition and the “look” rather than a heavy emphasis on the underlying models.  I call this series “Lost Souls” as it is about the vast cityscape and the isolation of the individuals who remain here.  I always hesitate to alter the name of my creations as I like to stick with the name that I start with.

Interestingly enough, this scene probably would not have worked if I did not include smaller references of the woman within the scene.  The key is to utilize familiar elements, such as this person, elsewhere in the scene to suggest a sense of scale.

Can you locate the human in the second piece?  If not, check out the original here.

AcD: City of Gold (Masters)

Advanced Concept Design, or AcD, is the title surrounding my newest portfolio.  The City of Gold series that I created this past weekend was expanded upon and further refined.  The result of which is the first entry into the AcD portfolio.

What is interesting is that these designs are all based upon a single rectangle in three dimensions.  The simplicity of the model allows for a greater focus in composition, palette exploration and image refinement.  I am very pleased with how these ultimately turned out and very encouraged for further work in this space.

Check out the entire collection on Ink.

Connect to Expand.

To date, the vast majority of my personal projects have been created independently of one another.  While many of my projects have built off of one another (e.g. Microcosms was built upon the Incubator concept), there has not been a unifying link between them.  I think there is an opportunity to alter this approach to enable greater creative expansion and exploration.

Over the past several weeks I have been thinking of a few new projects that begin to combine various aspects of my creative exploration in new and unique ways.

Here are a select few:

Mach1na: I came up with this idea a few days ago when listening to Drone Zone on Soma.fm.  The music that was playing was a combination of electronica and sounds of syncros, gears and other mechanical devices.  It would be very interesting to sketch out new mechanical devices, render them digitally using Photoshop, and then incorporate them in a fabricated information design – as if these devices were in fact, real.  Going a step further, being able to showcase these illustrations along with a similar audio track would, I think, create a unique experience.

Gaia: The theory of Gaia, in a nutshell, is that the Earth is a single living organism.  Illustrating and coming up with documented concepts that align with this theory could very well be a multi-year endeavor.  For example, illustrating plants and foliage from different time periods (prehistoric to sometime in the future) requires considerable research of the underlying taxonomy.  It’s one thing to come up with new plant concepts, but it can be more convincing if these concepts are based upon real biological principles.

This encapsulating concept could also introduce visuals that show how the Earth could appear in 2100, or 2200.  With global warming, could the Internet become part of the landscape?  Again, it’s not just about coming up with pure fantasy-based illustrations or narratives – it’s about combining research with creativity.

Preview III: “Ink”

One final preview before official work begins:

This is my first attempt of a sunset with clouds overhead.  While the illustration is not photo-realistic, I think the composition is good (foreground = land, middle ground = water, background = sunset and clouds).  I am also pleased with how the colors are working together.

Preview: “Ink”

Over the past several weeks I’ve been experimenting with my new Cintiq and I am really enjoying it.  Here’s an example of one of my recent creations:

I’ll post a few more examples over the next few days.