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“… And then you see space, you see infinity, because what it is trying to say is that how difficult it is for us to perceive the nature of reality. We always think we know, but yet, we really don’t know.” – Shirazeh Houshiary


“I think I invented my path, and I really wanted to probably make it as complicated for myself as it could be.” – Goshka Macuga

How we make sense of the world.


“Yes, torn. People with ADHD make us feel SO wonderful and loved in the moment and do have many great and creative and interesting and fun qualities. The (girl) I was with was hilarious and witty and very skilled with language. It’s pure joy to be around them when they are in the hyperfocusing stage, but when that ends watch out. You find yourself giving so much of yourself and playing the parent and also then suddenly cast aside as though you’d never meant a thing to that person.


“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.” ~Unknown


My vision for the future is comprised of positive experiences that intertwine my ‘personal’ and ‘professional’ lives into a single life structure.  Because of this, the long-held notion of “work-life” balance is significantly lessened, and at its extreme, no longer required.  By thinking strategically, I am able to spend the majority of my energy on activities that pay dividends over both the short and long-term.  A continuous and purposeful stream of explicit and implicit challenges allows my mind to expand at an accelerated rate.  With this expansion comes possibilities, and possibilities spark further action towards an ideal state called “Ultima”.  My relationships are continuously expanding, but only at a rate where the relationships themselves are developing at a natural and lasting pace.  My ability to see the unique qualities of each person and strive towards relationships that are, at their core, genuine, helps build strong partnerships that ultimately become central figures in a life structure built around growth, energy, complexity, awareness, and intensity.

– Personal notes (January 2010)


“It echoes one of the general paradoxes of hitchhiking, which is also a paradox of romance: The less desperate and needy you seem, the more likely you are to be picked up, and thus the people who probably need a ride the most are the least likely to get one.”

The World’s Best Hitchhiker on the Secrets of His Success, Wes Enzinna, The New York Times